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Weekly Pay
We want to put your money into your hands as possible. That is why we pay our staffing employees weekly. The key to getting your money is to be sure that your timesheet is correct and on time so that your hours can be processed promptly.

Direct Check Deposit
Enjoy the convenience of direct deposit of your paycheck into your checking account each week. You may also choose to deposit a portion or all of your check into a savings account. Click here for highlights of being paid via direct deposit.

If you are interested in signing up for direct deposit, click on our direct deposit registration form. Print out a copy of the form, complete it, attach a voided check in the space provided, and mail or bring it to one of our offices. For employees who have savings only, please attach a deposit slip.

Chase VISA® Pay Card
If you do not have a checking or savings account, you can use your own Pay Card that has portability, meaning it can be loaded via ACH by us and others. Or, we can issue you a Chase VISA® Pay Card, or assist you in opening a Chase Workplace Checking Account in Austin, Dallas, El Paso, Houston or San Antonio. In Palestine, we can assist you in opening an account at Regions Bank. Click here for highlights of our Chase VISA® Pay Card.

Credit Union

Credit Union Membership
Enjoy the many financial benefits available through our credit union affiliations. Services offered include: Savings Plans, Loan Availability, Checking Services, Credit Cards, Investment Opportunities, Financial Counseling and Education Programs

In Houston, call 713-799-6200. In El Paso, call 915-778-9221. In Dallas, call 214-319-3100. In San Antonio, call 210-258-1234.

Retirement Plan

Retirement Plan
Burnett / Choice is Texas' largest employee-owned staffing and placement firm. As one of our employees, you can become one of our owners.

Once you have reached the eligibility requirements, you can receive an allocation of shares of Burnett/Choice stock based on the relationship of your payroll to the total payroll of all employees who were eligible and also met the requirement for stock allocation. This is done in the first quarter of each year.

To be eligible, employees must:

 • have worked at least 1,000 hours in their
  Anniversary Year - and -
 • be employed at the end of the year
  (last quarter).

It takes 3 years of working the required hours to be vested.

Eligible employees will be sent a Summary Plan Description. The SPD contains a definition of the requirements for a staffing employee to be employed at the end of the ESOP plan year and other very valuable information. Becoming an owner of Burnett/Choice does not cost you anything. It is designed to help provide you with a retirement income.

To view your ESOP account, click here.

Bonuses / Holiday Pay

Service Bonuses
Temporary staffing employees in "good standing" can qualify to earn bonuses for their hours of service based upon 1500 hours (excluding overtime) worked in a 12-month period from designated date.

Holiday Pay
To qualify for Holiday Pay, staffing employees must have worked 1500 hours (excluding overtime) in the past 12 months from the date of the holiday.

At the time of the bonus pay, your hours will start from zero and start a new calculation for the next service bonus. Holiday pay is based on your rate at the time of the holiday.

Recognized holidays - New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

Referral Bonuses - designated cities only
As an incentive for you to refer your friends, neighbors, and family members who you feel would make good employees, several of the Burnett/Choice service centers offer a referral bonus.

The bonus will be paid after the person referred has worked 160 regular hours during a 6-month period. Instruct the person you are referring to us, to put your name and contact information on their application under “How did you hear about Burnett or Choice?”

We are proud that our number one source of qualified applicants comes from personal referrals from people who know and trust our reputation for success. Contact the Burnett or Choice service center nearest you to find out if a referral bonus is currently being offered.

Medical Plan

Medical Indemnity Plan
Guaranteed Insurability - No medical questions! No annual plan maximum benefit!
Affordable limited medical insurance including. 

Additional Options

  • > Vision Benefits
  • > Short-term Disability
  • > Term Life Insurance

If you enroll in our Medical Indemnity Plan, you will automatically be enrolled in our Cafeteria Plan / Pre-Tax Premium Program.

Cafeteria Plan / Pre-Tax Premium Program
Paying for your benefits with pre-tax dollars saves you money. You may fill out a Notice of Declination if you choose not to take advantage of this benefit.

To take advantage of the Medical Indemnity Plan, you must enroll within the first 30 days of your employment or wait until the next annual open enrollment.

Training / Recognition

Free Online Training
Upgrade your computer skills to increase your earning potential. Upon approval by your Staffing Manager, web-based training on a wide variety of software can be accessed at no charge from your home computer 24/7 or from one of our office computers during office hours.

Employee Recognition
We are proud to recognize the accomplishments of our employees. Outstanding employees are honored as our Employees-of-the-Month. We also hold onsite employee appreciation events.