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Outsource your staffing needs to help you manage
contracts, invoices, quality performance, reporting
and more. As your Managed Service Provider, we
act as a “neutral party” to eliminate the hassles of
you having to deal with the complex issues of
negotiating and managing multiple vendors.

By utilizing our expertise and experience to help
streamline your vendor solutions, you can then
provide the best staffing solutions for your

For more information on our vendor managed solutions, please click here or on the “information request” icon.

Our e-Commerce solution can support your
company’s vendor consolidation platform. We
have a division dedicated exclusively to the needs
of clients who utilize vendor management and
applicant tracking systems.

By utilizing our services, you will benefit from:
• Our ability to work with over 10 different
Vendor Management Software systems.
• Our acclimation to the volume and constant
software being utilized.
• Our track record for keeping candidates in
compliance, quick response time and issue

We easily implement updates and changes, help
avoid invoicing discrepancies, constantly work
towards improving efficiency and are focused on
not only building relationships with clients, but also
with the third parties involved.

With years of onsite experience with clients in
various industries,, we offer a proven system that
focuses on streamlining processes, cost reduction
and enhanced services.

Our benefits to you include:
• experienced, dedicated onsite support
• a buffer for co-employment risks
• a partnership alliance with over 25 sub-vendors
• flexibility to create new programs, expand our
fields of expertise and take a pro-active position
and, in-house support.

Having been onsite with one of our clients for 19 years
and another one for 8 years, we guarantee that you
won’t find a more flexible, dedicated vendor in the
Texas market.