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Human Resources

Skill Specializations

   •Benefits Specialists
   •Compensation Specialists

   •HR Analyst
   •HR Assistants
   •VP, HR

HR Generalist

"It is with great pleasure that I recommend your HR Specialist. She has always been very quick to respond. Additionally, she is great about continuously following up after each interview in an effort to uncover a possible need to modify her search and truly hone in on what the client is searching for. I enjoy working with her and feel confident partnering with your company. I am happy to recommend Burnett without hesitation."

HR Manager

"Your company has provided us with excellent staffing solutions. Your HR recruiter has met our expectations in providing qualified candidates. When we need a temporary or full time employee, she has been quick to respond, not only in Houston, but in all our locations throughout Texas. I feel confident partnering with you."

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