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Selection Process

Our evaluation process is one of the most stringent in the industry. The screening process starts with the initial contact with the applicant. We begin by evaluating the applicant's punctuality and their accuracy, and attention to detail on the application, as well as their ability to follow the interview procedures thoroughly.

We prefer that employees have a minimum of six months prior work experience for all clerical positions and at least one year of experience for accounting or information technology positions, depending on the nature of the positions they'd like to be considered for.

Once a candidate has arrived for their face-to-face interview, our staff assesses their dress and overall demeanor. A detailed interview then takes place identifying strengths and weaknesses, adaptability and flexibility. We also ask the applicant about their needs and wishes for their next employer and position.

For all of our potential direct hire candidates, a background check is automatically conducted for the state of Texas. Drug screens, credit checks, national background checks and additional verifications can be conducted per client request at an additional cost. These are for our thorough screening process.

Skills Assessment

When appropriate, applicants are asked to perform and
pass a variety of tests, both written and computerized.

For administrative and clerical applicants, our testing
procedures consist of spelling, basic math, filing and
proofreading skills. The applicant is then evaluated using
KeneXa Prove It! - a validated computerized testing
system. Typical evaluations for administrative applicants
include typing, data entry, and any applicable Microsoft
Office programs.

We also offer evaluations on additional software and
industry or job-specific testing when appropriate.

For a comprehensive list of testing available, please
click here to visit our candidate testing site.

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Additional behavioral and other testing is available upon request by the client. Click on outsourced testing for more details on tests that provide essential information for both employee selection and development. Clients will benefit by avoiding costly hiring mistakes and performing pre- employment testing and employment testing that meets all EEOC requirements.