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Solid State Lighting Specialists

I am writing you to acknowledge the assistance and professionalism of the Burnett staff. They were able to source several qualified candidates and set up screenings on short notice. I was very happy with the candidate we brought on board who I hope will become a permanent part of our team in the future. I will happily use your agency in the future should the need arise.

Recruiting Manager
IT Management Firm

We were having difficulties hiring Inside Sales Reps. The problem was that there really was no way to know if the candidate would be able to handle the pace of our sales team. So we created a temp to hire solution so we could give candidates a 90-day trial run and make sure this was a job they wanted and if we felt they would work out. This program has been a huge success as long as we got good agency candidates to fill the spots. We already had a contract signed with a service so we gave them a shot. They performed alright but the candidate quality was starting to decline.

... within a few days Burnett put together a group of candidates that all presented extremely well and they were able to fill all the open spots. We have since stopped calling out these orders to the other service and Lindsey with Burnett Specialists is our sole source for these positions.

Operations Manager
Custom Software Applications Consulting Company

Burnett Specialists just filled our position with a PHP Developer. We have been working with multiple recruiting companies in town, so I have a little knowledge of a few others in the area as well.

We have tried to do our own internal recruiting, but have not had the best luck in getting the candidates that both fit our technical requirements and fit with the culture / team. Burnett called on one position we had, and after trying on our own for a couple months with no luck – I thought I would try them concurrently with other options. Our recuiter took time to really understand what we were looking for – both on the tangible and intangible side. They didn’t inundate us with a flood of resumes (or resume dump, which seems to be a popular method of some recruiters) – but really focused on sending us a select few candidates who met all our specifications (personality AND skills). I felt their search was very tailored to our specific needs, and they did A LOT of the pre-screening for us.

Overall it was a great experience – actually really easy. Our new developer has jumped right in, is enthused and fitting in very well with the team. I think they also develop great relationships with the candidate, and I think they really also have the candidate’s interests in mind as well (which I can appreciate).

Our company can be difficult with requirements needed on the contract side, and they worked with us to make sure the terms of the agreement worked on our end as well. This is the first experience we’ve had working with Burnett, and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Executive Secretary
Home Health Care Provider

I’ve had the opportunity to work directly with our Staffing Manager for the past four or five years and have been very pleased with the company in general and her specifically. She is always responsive and professional. She has always been able to find a replacement for us quickly, regardless of our need and criteria, and it’s always someone who fits nicely into our existing office dynamic.

It’s the nature of our business to have seasonal projects and quick, last-minute jobs that require additional manpower. It’s very reassuring to know that I have a reliable contact who will devote her time and personal attention to me and my company’s needs.

Service Sales/Operations Manager
Elevator Manufacturer

Burnett has been our contact for hiring temporary help for over ten years. One thing I appreciate is quick, positive response. We are not a large volume customer for her, but they always treats us like we are. We never entertain requests from other vendors asking to provide these services for us, and the primary reason is the consistent service they provide to us.

General Manager
Electronics Manufacturing Services

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the service solution provided to our facility by Burnett. The employees you provided to support our requirements exemplified the courtesy, professionalism, and initiative we have come to expect from Burnett. Your staff was always on point when we had an opening to fill or an employee related issue to resolve and I can without hesitation say they were wonderful to work with. I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with you and Burnett and will certainly recommend your organization to anyone looking to work with the best.